Online Course "Career Guidance for the High School Students"

Career GuidanceThe students of the high school are confronted with many issues regarding their career choice and the choice of their further education after graduation. In this part of Europe (Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia etc.) there is a lack of the organized professional orientation at the high schools regarding this issue. On the other side, the students of the high school are forced after graduating to make a decision regarding their study choice/profession which has a great impact on their future life. The students are not aware of their potential, possibilities and their wishes. So, they generally speaking mostly rely on the help of the parents, sometimes some teachers. In this course, we want to tackle them to think “out of box” and provide them with the tools in their adequate career exploration.

Is this course for me?

Most sections are relevant to every high student who is in the beginning phase of their exploration for an appropriate study choice. Although we designed the guide especially for students at the age of 16, 17, the ideas apply to a reader of any age.


There are no requirements for the participation for this course.


The goal of this online course is to provide the student's  tools and information how to deal with making the decision about their career choice through four sessions: What is your passion; What is the decision-making process, Parental influence on career choices, I share with your my story. At the end of the course, they have the opportunity to share their thoughts, experiences in the forum.

What you'll learn:

The students will at the end of the course:

  • Have a knowledge of the important process of making decision •Be informed how to discover their passion
  • Have an insight of the parental influence of their career choice
  • Be aware of the importance of the career choice for their future
  • Be acquainted with the life/career paths of the other people

Course length

The course will be released one session per week. It takes about 20 minutes per session. During the course, you can ask the questions or write in the forum. If you need any help you can leave your message to Sanja Zivkovic who will within 24 hours respond to the message.

Language: English

Price: Free

Starting date of the course: The course will be available from 1st of June.

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