Online Course "Seeds of Change"

Seeds of changeFree on-line course for young activists who will make a change in their community

There are so many problems young people face in their communities... no matter if they live in Macedonia, Lithuania, Kosovo or Spain, or... wherever!

Can young people afford to just sit and wait for the adults to "see" what the problems of the youth are, of can they do something themselves?

We say - no sitting and just waiting for good things to fall off of the sky!

We say - YOUth get up and do something for YOUth!

We are confident that YOUth have the energy and power to make some positive changes in their lives and in their communities. Perhaps they need some knowledge, skills or some extra motivation? OK, you can get that through this e-course and become the Seeds of Change!

Is this course for me?

This course is for young people (16-25 y.o.) who are already somehow active and get them more involved in youth work, providing them with skills and knowledge that will help them getting other young people involved. Although the course is fully adapted to the specified group of people (from 16 to 25 years old) others who are interested in this topic can also participate. It would be of much use to youth workers, youth leaders, members of school organizations, youth activists, and to those who aspire to become youth leaders in their communities or have an interesting idea they would like to realize...


There are no special requirements for the participants of this on-line course, however, you would need an access to a computer and Internet in order to take this course, and also, to be able to read, write and learn in the English language.


  • Youth activism and participation; Volunteerism;
  • Soft skills building: motivation, team work, leadership, communication;
  • What is a project and how to organize it;
  • Erasmus+ opportunities...

What you'll learn?

Through this e-course, you will get a better understanding about what it means to be active in the society/community (active participation and volunteerism). Also, you'll learn of some skills necessary to be youth leaders and the basics of how to plan and organize a project. Finally, you will be familiarized with the concept of non-formal education and the possibilities that the Erasmus+ program offers to young people.

In order to acquire the knowledge and skills we "advertise", you are expected to go through the material presented in for topics of this course, and also spend some time practising/applying what you have learned through performing practical tasks (assignments).

At the end of the course, everyone who meets the minimum requirements of the course will receive a Certificate of participation.

Course length

The course is scheduled for the period May 20th - June 30th 2017, and requires that you spend around 4-5 hours of your time each week learning and/or doing your assignments.

Starting from May 20th 2017, the course will be open, and a new topic will be open for the participants every 7 - 10 days. There will be 4 topics that this e-course covers. This means that you will have new materials available each week, so make sure that you have finished all the workload on-time.

The course will be open until June 30th 2017 so even if you join us later, there will be enough time to finish all or most of the assignments successfully.

Language: English

Price: Free

Starting date of the course: The course will be available from May  22nd 2017.

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