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Two training courses “Development of the eLearning skills/ Introduction to Moodle LMS to youth work practitioners” (March 7-16 and June 7-16 2017) were organised for youth workers and trainers active in the field of NFE to experience and learn how to use Information Communications Technology (ICT) to create a supporting eLearning environment. Participants had had a chance to get information about general ITC filed, and after that had focused on Moodle (an open-source software learning management system). They got info about Moodle Directory, Page, Book, URL linking, Label, principles of instructional design, and other things that would help them to start (during the training) developing their own online courses using Moodle platform i.e. to transform acquired knowledge for delivering training in online environment, and get support during that process. So, those were not only a training because, after it, participants (small groups of five or six persons) had been obligated to deliver one small course using Moodle. Training was led by experts from Serbian Moodle Network (Moodle Mreža Srbije).

Online courses

Here is the list of online courses that were created during the trainings:

ONLINE SAFETY – This course will cover the basics of online safety for young people, increase the level of security by addressing social internet threats we face today. More information about this course can be found on the following link:

SEEDS OF CHANGE – We are confident that YOUth have the energy and power to make some positive changes in their lives and in their communities. Perhaps they need some knowledge, skills or some extra motivation? OK, you can get that through this e-course and become the Seeds of Change! More information about this course can be found on the following link:

CAREER GUIDANCE FOR THE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS – The students in high schools are confronted with many issues regarding their career choice and the choice of their further education after graduation. In this course we want to encourage them to think “out of box” and provide them the tools in their adequate career exploration. More information about this course can be found on the following link:

This is an example how the organization form Macedonia promoted this courses

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