Online Course "Cultural Perspective of Gender Equality"

Gender equality

In this course, we discuss not only the concept of gender equality, but as well look at the gender roles through historical perspective in Western culture covering both men and women.

This course should not only give you a theoretical understanding of the current situation in gender equality but also encourage you to question your everyday behaviour: how much it is influenced by the gender roles.

At the end of this course, we will share most common situations where actions & choices of women and men are influenced by the gender roles in western culture.

We won't try to persuade you to choose any side, we won't try to change your mind, we just want you to stay more conscious and try to develop critical thinking on the conditions and situations in our daily lives.

The course has 4 main topics: the first one gives general information about the meaning of gender equality and different approaches – biological and cultural which contribute to the development of gender roles.

On the second and third topics, we discuss men and women position in Western culture through the historical perspective.

The last topic is mostly about developing critical thinking and trying to analyze different roles that we have as a result of cultural and social influence. We will encourage you to look into those situations without any prejudice and get rid of the stereotypes that we all actually have just by putting you in different gender position. We hope that this entertaining part will help you question gender equality in everyday life.

Participant profile

All genders, age: from 15 and above.

Learning outcomes

After the course the learners:

  • Should be able to understand what gender equality is,
  • Should be able to understand the difference between cultural and biological approaches,
  • Will get knowledge about gender inequality development from both men and women perspective,
  • Will learn to detect and question gender equality issues in everyday situations.

Course length:  20 hours, three first topics will be open, but the fourth one will be available after accomplishing those three ones.

Language: English

Price: Free

Starting date:  September 18th 2017.

Deadline for application:  September 17th 2017.

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