Online Course "Non-formal Learning – My second chance"

My second chanceThe aim of this online course is to learn about non-formal education and how competencies and skills gained through it can benefit people in all fields of life.

Contemporary research places non-formal learning between formal and informal. During all your life we learn in formal (like school, university), non-formal (courses, sports club) and informal (from parents and friends) settings. The behaviours that the education system rewards – studying, careful preparation, patient climbing from one level to the next – seem to give an advantage academically. Yet in the world of work, people hire and promote based on skills we learn mainly in non-formal education settings. During past decade, non-formal education and learning has received increasing attention in practice, policy and research in view of social and economic demands to consider learning as a lifelong and life wide process

In this course, you will be given the chance to learn in an interactive way by sharing ideas and opinions with people from different cultures.

  • Topic 1: Explore non-formal learning (NFL)
  • Topic 2: Key Competences to NFL
  • Topic 3: Skills Gained through NFL

Participant profile

This course is for anyone with an interest in youth work and working with young people. But it might be particularly of interest to voluntary sector practitioners (including volunteer managers), youth workers, HR managers, adult volunteers, parents and teachers.

It will also be relevant for those who are looking for a second chance to learn, besides what formal system and institutions have to offer, i.e. students, volunteers, age 15+. 


  • Intermediate level of English
  • Internet connection

Learning outcomes

  • Learn what non-formal learning is why it matters
  • Explore the link between formal, informal and non-formal education
  • Discuss the impact that technology has on non-formal education and how we teach
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to use non-formal education in daily work
  • Identify how competencies are built through non-formal learning and what the benefit is
  • Reflect and evaluate the relevance of 21st-century skills and their usefulness

Course length:  3 weeks

Language: English

Price: Free

Starting date:  September 24th 2017.

Deadline for application:  September 18th 2017.

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