Online Course "The Journey to Self-Confidence"

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We will try to reach the aim by getting to know some basic concepts related to self-confidence and applying simple techniques that will allow us to both learn and practice skills which can be applied to areas of low self-confidence forever. Through them, we will try to get more awareness of our achievements, strengths and opportunities, but we will also learn how to overcome weaknesses and avoid threats in order to live more successful life.

Participant profile

This course is adjusted for curious youth between 20 and 30 years, but since the topic is important in all stages of our lives, anyone who wants can join.

Learning outcomes

  • You will act more appropriate to yours and others verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • You will have increased motivation and optimism.
  • You will develop more positive self-image.
  • You will have wider self-awareness and the better understanding of your individuality.

Course length:  4 weeks

Language: English

Price: Free

Starting date:  September 15th 2017.

Deadline for application:  September 11th 2017.

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